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I'm an LA-based full-stack developer. Building on a career in climate science where I specialized in geospatial data analytics and visualizations, I decided to blend my love of coding and communication with my interests in design and style, and dive into web development. Creating spaces in our digital world that are accessible, enjoyable, and reliable has become a passion ever since. Practicing yoga, playing guitar, and cooking balance out my computer time.

Technical skills

Always learning and open to new technologies, here's what I'm currently using:

  • Languages: JavaScript, Python, HTML/CSS
  • JS frameworks/libraries: React, Node, Express, React, Gatsby
  • Databases and data management: Redux, React Context, MongoDB, Mongoose, Firebase
  • APIs: REST, GraphQL, Postman
  • CMS: Contentful, Airtable
  • Styling and animations: Styled-components, React-spring
  • Hosting/Deployment: Netlify, Heroku
  • Python libraries: Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Xarray
  • Design + prototyping: Figma

Communication skills

I have communicated complex technical and quantitative topics to a range of audiences, from military officials to policymakers and stakeholders across the country.

Alongside my personal blog on web development, I created and taught a course on data analytics using Python for undergraduate students at UCLA.

Additionally, I have published several scientific papers and have appeared in national media outlets such as NPR, the Los Angeles Times, and Mashable.